Weekly Plan:


      Introduction of the course

          Review of the course, requirement and expectations


What is time management

  How can you manage your time


        Why is time management  important for the students

4. Week

  Time management Theories

        Time Quadrant

         The ABC System


   Pickle Jar Theory

   The 80/20 Rule


   Barriers of time management


        7-  week

           c- Anxiety


           e- Misplacing things


f- Procrastıonatıon; The thief of time

g- Forgetting things

h- Doing nothing

      9. Week

          Stress management and time management

     10. Week

          How to manage your time effectively  

          a-Organising your tasks

          b-Replacing Bad time Habits with Good Ones   

     11. Week

          a-Prioritize Work: 

           b-Putting everything in ıts place

           c-Learning to say No

             What to say no

             How to say no

     12. Week

          d- Schedule Tasks

           e-Avoid Procrastination

           f-Planing the meeting

     13. Week

           g-Prioritize Work

          h- Planning the meeting

           ı-Delegate Tasks 

        14- Revision